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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!  Welcome to Saint Nick, the only site that is all about Saint Nick, the man behind Christmas.  Saint Nick lives on the North Pole with his many Elveshelpers, also known as Elves, his talented transportation, also known as his flying reindeer, and of course his wonderful wife, who is also known as Mrs. Claus.  He spends the entire year preparing for that one special night, which is known as Christmas Eve. 

On December 24th of every year, Saint Nick leaves his home on the North Pole and flies around the world at night to deliver wonderful toys to good little boys and girls.  He occasionally takes a quick break to eat his favorite cookies and milk that are left out for him.  If you’re wondering what Saint Nick’s favorite cookies are, you’ve come to the right place.  We offer great cookie recipes that Saint Nick loves to snack on. 
Saint Nick enjoys surprising little boys and girls with fantastic toys on Christmas, so he waits until each and every boy and girl is asleep and places his presents underneath the Christmas tree.  He also adds little favorites in their Christmas stocking as a thank you for the wonderful cookies and milk that are left out for him. 

We just received a letter from Saint Nick informing us what his top Christmas presents are for this year.  If you’re trying to find the favorite boys and girls presents for this year, please visit our Saint Nick’s Workshop area. 
If you would like to be Saint Nick’s little helper and dress up like him or his little Elves, we’ve discovered special locations that offer great Santa Suits and Elves clothing.  There has been a special request from Saint Nick though and that is these costumes can only be worn only during that special time of the year.

We’ve dedicated a special site that allows anyone to email Santa.  Santa does read his emails regularly, so email him as often as you would like.  If you have a Christmas Wish List, you can send them Santa’s way through his Official Santa Email website. 

We here at Saint Nick would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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