Email Santa

Santa really enjoys reading emails from all the good boys and girls.  Email Santa your Christmas wish list of all the toys and presents that you want for Christmas.  Santa Claus is said to bring gifts to the homes of good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24, so make sure you have your list sent before the night of Christmas Eve.

Santa may not be able to respond to all the boys and girls that send him an email, but rest assure that he reads all his emails.  If you have a special gift that you want, just email Santa and he will try his hardest to get that special gift you want. 
Santa usually reads his emails with his cup of milk and while eating his favorite cookies in the morning.  He really enjoys bringing cheer to all the great boys and girls of this world.

Santa's busy elves plan 364 days of the year for that one special day, so it's never to late to send you list of gifts you are wanting for Christmas. 

Each elf has a responsibility in the toy building process, so there is a smooth toy building process.  Elves play a special role is the toy building process and it's a special talent that only Santa's elves have.

Santa's special elves usually sing their favorite Christmas carols and sip on their favorite Christmas Hot Chocolate while making their favorite toys to all the good boys and girls.
Right before Santa leaves on Christmas Eve to delivery all his toys, he makes sure that he checks his list twice to make sure he knowns exactly whose been naughty and nice.  He has a little stash of coal on his red sleigh for all the naughty children, while most of his sleigh is filled with toys.

When you hear sleigh bells at night or you see Rudolf’s red nose in the sky, it might be Santa getting closer to your house.
Saint Nick