Santa Suit

The Santa Suit is worn by Santa himself 365 days a year.  On Christmas Eve he usually wears a special Santa Suit called, “The Suit,” and it is specially made from his elf tailors.  Santa has multiple elf tailors that design all of his Santa suits.  Santa especially needs his suit pants taken in the day after Christmas with all the cookies he eats that night.

Santa’s attire is always a white fur trimmed red jacket and pants with a broad buckled belt, a matching hat and black boots.
You will very rarely see Santa in another outfit, unless he goes for a dip in the Aortic Sea or running on the treadmill; to burn off his cookie weight of course.

Mrs. Claus is his fashion designer, so the elf tailors must approve any new outfit through her first.  Mrs. Clause is a big supporter of Santa and enjoys seeing children’s eyes when they see all their special presents they receive on Christmas morning. 

Santa has worked with his tailors to design some Santa Suits for anyone that would like to dress up as him during the holidays.  These santa suits are exact replicas to what he wears, so if you’re interested in dressing up as Santa any time of the year we’ve provided you with many different Santa suit options.
Saint Nick