Santas Reindeers

Each reindeer has been assigned a description, based on its name. Dasher is said to be the leader of the reindeer. He is also the fastest among all of them. Dancer leads her side of the sleigh. Her name implies that she is graceful. Prancer stands behind Dasher and is said to be the most powerful reindeer. On the other side stands Vixen. She is beautiful and her power makes her the female counterpart of Prancer.

Comet is the fifth reindeer and is said to make children happy, when the sleigh flies over their homes. His partner is Cupid, who brings love to everyone. The seventh reindeer is Donner. His name has been derived from the Dutch word 'donder', which means thunder. Similarly, the eighth reindeer is called Blitzen, after the German word 'Blitz', which refers to lightning.
Besides the eight reindeer who pull Santa Claus' sleigh, a few other reindeer have also found their way into Christmas folklore. The most famous of these is Rudolph. Robert L. May introduced this reindeer to the public through the departmental store chain Montgomery Ward. He wrote a rhyming story about Rudolph which was published and the book given to the children in the store at Christmas time. It has now evolved into a Christmas carol.

In the story, Rudolph was Donner's son. He was born with a shiny red nose, which made him an anomaly among all the reindeers. One Christmas Eve, it was so foggy that Santa Claus was planning to cancel his gift-giving because he could not see the way to ride the sleigh. Then he spied Rudolph and asked him to use his nose as a beacon. Since then Rudolph is said to light up the way for the sleigh, every Christmas Eve.
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